Adoption by a step parent

What is step parent adoption?

Step parent adoption is a way in which you can become the legal parent of your partner’s child or children from a previous marriage or relationship. Step parent adoption offers the child a legally permanent relationship with the adoptive parent which they will have all their lives. It means that the resident birth parent and their partner share parental responsibility for the child. There is no automatic right to adoption, and it is not appropriate for every child in step families.

Reasons for considering step parent adoption

Adopting a step-child is commonly considered as a way of showing commitment to a family unit and a relationship. It’s helps a non-birth parent to feel more involved in supporting a child, and being able to make important decisions in their life, making sure that step-parent’s role, rights and responsibilities are recognised in the event of the death or incapacity of the birth parent.

Some other reasons could include:

  • Name Change
  • Inheritance
  • Consent to Medical Treatment
  • Security of Family Unit
  • Recognition of step parent role in child’s life
  • Child’s sense of belonging
  • Severing ties with a birth family
  • Parental Responsibility

Whilst these are good reasons to share parental responsibility this does not mean that adoption is the right route.

Nowadays, there are a variety of alternatives available which are likely to be easier to achieve and may be more appropriate – especially for a child who has some involvement with both sides of his or her original family.

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