Young Adoptee Group on the lookout for new members

Adoption@Heart’s support group for young adopted people is encouraging more young adoptees to become members.

The aim of the group is to provide adopted children and young people with a safe space where they can socialise with their peers, have fun, make new friends, and talk about things that are important to them.

Adopters needed for children that wait the longest in the Black Country

The group aims to touch upon many aspects that an adopted young person may deal with including:

  • knowledge that they are not the only ones who feel different due to being adopted
  • an increased understanding of the emotions and behaviours that go hand in hand with being brought up in an adoptive family
  • empowering them with life choices about their futures and careers
  • enlarging their support network
  • helping them accomplish mastery in normal development techniques
  • incorporating coping skills and relaxation into their lives

Adoption@Heart launched the online support group with a small group of young people in 2021 and arranged its first face to face meet up shortly afterwards with bowling and a trip to Nandos.

The group is now looking for more members to join them.

The group meet virtually, usually on the second Tuesday of the month 6pm to 7pm:

  • Tuesday 13th September
  • Tuesday 18th October
  • Tuesday 8th November
  • Tuesday 13th December (hopefully in person)
  • Tuesday 10th January 2023
  • Wednesday 8th February

The group’s next face to face meet-up and activity is taking place on Tuesday 9th August. Our adoption support workers and young people would like to invite other young people to come along and join them.

Please contact the duty worker on 01902 553818 if you know an adopted young person that would like to join.

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